Fruits of the Long Walk to Freedom

PowerPoint presentation showing the various ways in which South African artists have been inspired by Nelson Mandela.

In tandem with the art exhibition, Mandela@94, celebrating our iconic former President as he nears his 95th birthday, Origins Centre brings you a lecture by the exhibition curator, Natalie Knight, entitled ‘The Fruits of the Long Walk to Freedom’.

With reference to the artworks on show, Knight examines how Mandela’s legacy is portrayed by the participating artists. She questions how much of the euphoria of 1994 remains, and what fruit the

She states: “Cartoonist Zapiro has created a cartoon of Mandela as Moses crossing the Red Sea. Do we have to wait 40 years before we see the real fruits of Mandela’s endeavours?”

The title of Knight’s talk is drawn from a cynical sculpture by young Shangaan artist Collen Maswanganyi, called ‘Fruits of Freedom’, which looks at new restrictions in South African societ

The talk also delves into current topical debates, such as artistic freedom, and should freedoms ever be curbed in favour of obligations to others?