A Mandela@90 exhibit

Event Date: 
July 2008
A 8  Prisoner 46664.jpg
A 2 Susan Woolf with her sculpture Ubuntu at the Mandela @ 90 exhbition..JPG
A 3 b Nelson Mandela and Graca Machel with artist Susan Woolf.jpg
A 3 Nelson Mandela and Graca Machel respond to the art works on the Mandela @90 exhibition while Susan Woolf looks on.JPG
A 3c Mandela and Graca after seeing their wedding scene.JPG
A 4 Natalie Knight, Billy and Jane Makhubele, Johannes Maswanganyi, Roy Ndinisa and Beverley Price meet Nelson Mandela.JPG
A 5 Sad memories of Robben Island.JPG
A 6 Yvonne, Jane and Billy Makhubele with the 8 piece nceka Join the March to Freedom at the Mandela @ 90 opening..JPG
A 7 Nelson Mandela with his portrait The Black President by Roy Ndinisa.jpg
A 1 Russel Scott   Images Tsonga Shangaan 093.jpg